Embedded within each Gilt Candle
is a REAL ring worth $15, $250, $1000
or $5000+
  • Highly scented soy & beeswax candles
  • 100% natural premium waxes
  • Extra large sized candles (23.5oz)
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • Beautiful addition to any room in your home
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  • Julia Hays Kent_9.20.2014-crop
    And so the exciting Mystery begins! Can't wait to see what treasure awaits inside! :)
    Julia Hays K.  Tioga, TX
  • Amber Lynn P._11.20.2013
    Thank you, I do! It's so much fun to actually be able to go online and find out right away what your ring is worth. I like the fact that the ring is a size I'm able to wear as well. The candle smells really yummy from what I can smell too (I currently have a cold). It was tunneling somewhat and I had it lit for about 3 hours. I'm gonna have to try to fix that the next time I light it. Overall a good experience so far though!
    Amber Lynn P. Eugene, OR
  • Karen J._11.20.2013-crop
    Just a little something to take on "The Dark Ages" here at Annapolis!
    Karen J.  Annapolis, MD